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Color Management Certification Programs

The first phase of the SGIA Digital Color Professional program To get ‘Qualified’ by passing an online exam. If you think you’re already an expert, you can register to take the exam on SGIA’s DCP program page for $75 (25% discount for members). Otherwise, SGIA has authorized several consultants/companies who offer 2 1/2 day “Boot…

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Set Your Files Up For Success

Print facilities say their biggest challenges to printing great color come in customer files. No matter how well a printer manages color in-house, the settings used on inbound files will always affect the quality and color of the final output. So how should print files be set up? Most importantly: If you have a specific…

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What is a RIP and should you be printing with one?

A computer and printer speak different languages. The computer language needs to be translated to the printer language so the final print matches what is on the computer screen. If you were to travel to China without knowing Chinese you would need a translator to communicate with the locals. If your artwork does not have…

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