Remote Support

We Can Help You Without Being There!​

You read that right, we can help you with color management remotely. That means you have access to our experts, and you can purchase and schedule it in 1-hour blocks. 

Whether you need help calibrating/profiling your monitor/scanner/camera/printer, configuring Adobe CC color settings, getting accurate color printing thru a driver or a RIP, or creating G7 curves for your printing press (analog or digital), we can help you. 

This is a great option for individuals and companies who need our expertise but want more affordable and flexible access than our daily, on-site option.

Remote Calibration

One of the guys above will take control of your computer via TeamViewer software and within seconds can see your screen. This allows us to troubleshoot problems, check settings, show you how to perform any task, or configure an application, install upgrades, activate licensing, etc. You will be able to observe every step we take to help solve your problem. During this process we will be talking to you on the phone to answer your questions and explain exactly what we are doing and why.

We can also offer you online training from the convenience of you desk. This applies to popular Adobe CC apps, most any printer driver or RIP software, preflighting workflows, process control tools, etc. We’re officially certified on many software applications.

Alder’s Remote Support program offers you the peace of mind of having technical support at your fingertips while keeping costs under control.


Need remote color management support?