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Color Management

Color Spaces

It can be difficult to know when you should convert your files to CMYK or L*a*b* or if you should leave it in the native RGB. We can look at your workflow and help you determine which color spaces are going to be most consistent through your creative to printing process.

Monitors and Monitor Calibration

We make sure your Soft Proofing process is consistent with the final output and can help you with color temperature and gamma. We help ensure you have accurate profiling and let you know how often you should calibrate.

Inkjet Printing

Whether you are proofing or printing for fine art or photography, Alder can help you get great consistent color with your inkjet printers. Alder can make custom profiles, install and train on RIPs, and calibrate your devices for optimum color output. Your printing process will become less guesswork and more science with consistent, accurate color.

Soft Proofing

Nothing is more frustrating than working with a beautiful, rich maroon on screen and having it print as a muddy brown. A good, well-calibrated workflow can help you create very accurate soft proofs. We will help ensure your particular monitor matches the output of your particular printer. This critical component of an effective color management program is certain to save time and money on wasted ink and materials.


Your job is to know how to work within the applications to get a great finished product. Our job is to know the correct color settings for each application you use. Evaluating your configuration is all part of the service we offer to help you get consistent color throughout your creative process.

Cameras and Scanners

Most color problems come from improper calibration, profiling, and workflow setup. We work with your unique situation to ensure your equipment properly calibrated with the correct color profiles and that the color is consistent throughout your workflow.

Workflow Solutions

Color Management Process Control

Color management is important in keeping your color consistent. Much time is spent on design and color selection on screen, then the project is sent to print and it comes out looking totally different. This is where Color Management and process control can save time and frustration. There are color variations in each device (printers, cameras, scanners, monitors), inks and even papers. With proper Color Management workflows from Alder, your color will be predictable and consistent.


It is imperative that your digital proof remains a reliable representation of how a job will print. In today’s busy digital workplace you may not have the time, tools or internal resources needed to ensure your digital proofing devices remain accurate over time.

G7 Calibration & Gracol Qualifications

GRACoL will help print buyers get consistent color no matter what print medium they choose to use as long as the print vendor is utilizing the G7 methodology. Bruce Bayne has become a G7 certified expert and can help you meet these guidelines.

RIP, Printer, and Monitor Calibration

Calibration brings Color and Management together. It translates between your monitor, software, and printer so what you see on the screen is exactly what you deliver to the customer on every job. We work with you to understand your specific needs and implement the options, settings, and ICC profiles to set you up for success.

Printer Installation

We take the pain out of printer installation and set up so you don’t have to worry about it. With a knowledgeable expert onsite, assembly, driver installation, and software set set-up is smooth and simple. Our customers can simply show us to the printer box and and come back for training once set-up is complete.

Trouble Shooting

If the day comes when something isn’t printing well or isn’t printing at all, Alder can help. We know print systems from front to back and top to bottom, allowing us to help you troubleshoot the issue. Our holistic approach and broad range of experience solves problems when downtime eats into valuable production time.

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