Having Trouble…

  • Achieving predictable color?
  • Staying consistent across substrates?
  • Matching Spot Colors?

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Providing Predictable Color Workflow and Output

We specialize in color and how each component of your workflow affects color output. From how the image was created or acquired through editing and layout, proofing and then final output – we make sure it all works together. We also specialize in pre-press, photographic and specialty printing workflows, ICC based color management, ICC profiles, RIP training, G7® calibration and training.

We sell wide-format inkjet and solvent supplies including printerspaper and mediaink, RIPs, Software, Spectrophotometers, Monitors, and Computers. We have all the tools and expertise to get your print shop not only up and running, but also a streamlined workflow with excellent color output.

Solutions by Industry

Commercial Printers

We offer a wide ranges of services and solutions. The most popular are – Epson proofing solutions, G7 Master Printer qualifications, inks and papers, certified training, and remote support. Reach out and see how we can help.

Retail & Apparel

Most commonly, we help fashion design teams harness their color critical printing needs and establish color matches on in-house inkjet printers. We have the products, processes, and expertise to make your life easier.

Packaging & Labels

Alder has the color expertise to support you on offset, flexo, and digital presses, as well as inkjet proofing and prototyping. We have solutions for spot color, CMYK and extended gamut workflows and process control.

Fine Art & Photography

We are always amazed by how many talented artists and photographers we help with printing, color reproduction, monitor calibration, paper and supplies. Camera shops are camera specialists. We are color specialists. So, let Alder make your work shine!

Architects & Engineers

Epson has a complete line of equipment and consumables targeted just for you! Whether you need quick black and white technical drawings or full color 3D renderings, we have products and solutions for you. Plotters are getting more innovative and are changing the way people work!

Creatives & Ad Agencies

Alder has been the go-to source to support color-critical printing, product prototyping, and color digitization in the Northwest for almost 30 years. We are proud to have helped the area’s top brands and creative agencies address color challenges and bring ideas alive for their clients.

What’s New With Alder Color Solutions?

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