Most digital workflows require some form of color or digital proofing. Today’s Inkjet technology is a viable and widely used option for color proofing.


RIP technology is an excellent way to enhance proofing quality and workflow optimization. RIPs are also used by many color professionals, like photographers and digital artists, to attain the highest level of color accuracy and image quality possible.

There are many RIPs to choose from. At the basic level, all RIPs function as Postscript interpreters, converting Postscript data into raster data. Some RIPs are built into the output device like a laser printer. Others are external and only connect to a specific output device or group of devices.

RIPs can have specialized functions like ICC color management, or productivity tools like step-and-repeat or tiling. So when choosing a RIP it’s important to know the intended use of the RIP. Alder can help with this process. We have experience with many RIPs and can help you narrow the playing field. We are experienced at installing many brands of RIP’s and can get you up and running in short order.

Sometimes one RIP has features that might be more useful for one business as opposed to another, but some RIPs can serve most businesses. Alder works with you to find the RIP that is right for your printing needs.
A few specialty RIPs include the following:

  • Fine Art – Fine Art or Limited Edition printing, commonly called Giclee printing. This type of printing is all about paper texture and reproduction of original art or photos. Having the correct settings also is key. Alder can make sure you are getting the most from your hardware and software in this extremely demanding field.
  • Print for Pay and Specialty Graphics – The end product is the inkjet printing, including posters, banners, trade show signage using special papers and vinyl. Alder can evaluate your needs and identify the tools that are right for your business.
  • Proofing – Matching some other process, usually a printing press, with an inkjet printer. This category covers a broad spectrum of users. Many photographers, graphic designers, prepress and printers have a need for this type of RIP.

Soft Proofing

Soft Proofing means calibrating your monitor with your printing device. This enables you to “soft proof” your work from your monitor prior to printing. There is nothing more frustrating than working on getting just the right color on your monitor only to have it print differently on your device. Alder can help make the color transition from screen to print consistent. We will work with you to assess your needs, recommend an appropriate RIP, install and set-up any hardware and software. We will train your staff on how to use your new equipment. Plus, we can provide ongoing maintenance agreements and provide TeamViewer support.

Certified Digital Proofs

It is imperative that your digital proof remains a reliable representation of how a job will print. In today’s busy digital workplace you may not have the time, tools or internal resources needed to ensure your digital proofing devices remain accurate over time. That is why Alder has developed a simple and cost-effective certification program. Alder’s Certified Digital Proof program can keep your digital proofing system accurate and possibly save you thousands of dollars in bad print projects.

The Process – We provide you with a CD containing our test image and a set of 12 self-addressed, pre-paid envelopes. You simply print the test image and mail it to Alder. As soon as we receive your test file, we’ll analyze your output and compare it to your original color setup. We look at the following variables when assessing your test image: L*a*b* Color, Density, Hue Error, and Grayness. In each category, we establish Delta E averages and maximums that are an acceptable amount of deviation for digital proofing. If we additional opportunities, we’ll contact you to arrange a service call.
Keeping your digital proofing system consistent doesn’t have to be difficult. Alder’s Certified Digital Proof program makes it as easy as possible. You just print a sample and mail it off — we take care of the rest.

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