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Purchasing a large format printer is a serious investment. Our team at Alder Color Solutions makes the process easier, so that you save money and time, and can focus on growing your print business.

Mimaki JFX200 2513
Leading Wide Format Innovation for More Than 40 Years

Mimaki offers a variety of printing and manufacturing solutions.

Mimaki and Alder Color believe that customers should have access to industry-leading print solutions that consistently deliver outstanding results for their businesses. With that in mind, Mimaki’s entire portfolio includes specially engineered core technologies that ensure consistent quality with minimum waste. Find out which printer fits your business.

Explore Mimaki's Complete List of Core Technologies

Mimaki Fine Diffusion

Mimaki Fine Diffusion in RasterLink6 RIP software uses an advanced dithering process to reduce noise and produce more even colors, enhancing the image quality at the lowest resolutions.

Mimaki Intelligent Heaters​

Mimaki's patented intelligent heaters are built onto each printer to maintain media temperatures, improving performance that results in high-quality images.
Mimaki Wave form control

Waveform Control

Waveform Control utilizes finely-tuned frequencies for the inks’ specific gravity and viscosity to precisely shape and place individual drops.

Variable Dot Technology​

Combined with Waveform Control and Mimaki original inks, Variable Drop Technology optimizes ink droplet size for smooth color reproduction and fine line details.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System​

Mimaki Advanced Pass System incorporates an advanced algorithm to reduce visible banding and uneven color printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing.

Mimaki Circulation Technology

Mimaki Circulation Technology continuously circulates ink at regular intervals to prevent settling and achieve a stable ink delivery.

Nozzle Recovery System

The Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) enables operators to substitute unproductive nozzles to avoid poor image quality or service calls. When combined with the Nozzle Check Unit, Mimaki printers can automatically activate this feature, allowing for a truly unattended operation with no fear of costly errors.
Mimaki Wave form control

Nozzle Check Unit

The Nozzle Check Unit automatically monitors the performance of the printhead and detects clogged nozzles.

Mimaki Bulk Ink System

The Mimaki Bulk Ink System allows customers to quickly change the ink capacity of a Mimaki printer at any time.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System is a built-in redundancy that automatically switches from an emptied ink container to the next full container.
Featured Mimaki Printers

JFX200 Series
Wide Format UV-LED Flatbeds

With a choice of inks, including white and clear, these flatbeds deliver endless options to print to a wide range of substrates. Seamlessly create signage, posters, wayfinding, decorative panels and more.

Mimaki JFX200 2513
Mimaki UJF-6042

UJF-6042 MkII
Tabletop UV Flatbed

The UJF-6042MkII succeeds the UJF-6042 and delivers improved image quality, stability, and control. This tabletop UV printer has been engineered to accommodate all direct-to-object printing applications, thanks to a print technology allowing the print head to propel UV ink droplets directly onto 3D items secured by specialized tooling. Your business can therefore expand its personalization options by printing images, graphics, and logos onto various types of products.

UCJV300 Series
Entry-Level UV-LED Printer/Cutter

Mimaki is proud to continue paving the way in UV-LED printing. Our revolutionary technologies have enabled us to improve print quality, speed, and versatility. The UCJV300 Series offers unparalleled flexibility and benefits to businesses of all types. The UCJV300 print-and-cut family offers in-line cutting capabilities and features multi-layer printing for transitional or double facing images. Graphics are instantly cured, so you can efficiently create applications that will meet (and exceed) your customers’ needs. Our state-of-the-art print-and-cut machines offer benefits such as:

Mimaki UCJV300
Mimaki JV330 Series

JV330 Series
High Volume Production Technology

Compatible with Mimaki Original Eco-Solvent inks this printer offers commercial level workflows and quality for high demand print businesses. Capable of producing a wide range of sign & graphic applications including durable banners, signs, posters, and more for internal and external use.

CJV330 Series
High Volume Production Technology

Compatible with Mimaki Original Eco-Solvent inks this print & cut device offers commercial level workflows and quality for high demand print businesses. Capable of producing a wide range of sign & graphic applications including durable banners, signs, decals, posters, and more for internal and external use.

Mimaki CJV330 Series
Mimaki TXF150-75 DTF (Direct -to-Film Printer)

Direct-To-Film Printer

Starting at $15,995

The TxF150-75 is Mimaki’s first DTF (Direct-to-Film) printer, packed with Mimaki technology to overcome the common ink ejection and ink sedimentation issues of current DTF printers in the market. Using genuine Mimaki heat transfer pigment ink, which acquired ECO PASSPORT certification, it assures skin friendly printing at the highest image quality. 

TX300P Series
Direct-To-Fabric Printer

Starting at $24,995

This machine includes many features found on top-of-the-line direct-print models, but with a lower cost-of-ownership that is suitable for you. Expertly combining quality and high speed, you can produce flags, banners, fashion textiles, sportswear, décor and more.

Mimaki TS330 Series

TS330 Series
High-Speed Production Dye-Sublimation Printer

Starting at $27,995

The TS330 Series fabric and textile printer uses Mimaki SB441 eco-friendly, water-based ink. It is a high grade industrial sublimation printing solution with an expanded fluorescent color range (including fluorescent pink and yellow). Additionally, it allows for unmatched productivity regardless of printing volume, with an impressive printing speed of 1,453 sq ft. per hour.


Mimaki is committed to developing eco-friendly printing systems and consumables, like the UV-LED and eco-solvent technologies as well as Greenguard Gold certified inks. These solutions help customers meet their environmental goals by reducing harmful toxins, CO2 footprints, energy consumption and waste. 

As a company, we strive to offer the cleanest and greenest products on the market today.

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