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Create, control, and cash in on color that conforms to your customer’s expectations.

The Alder Color Control Platform (CCP)ChromaChecker–is the industry’s first cloud-based platform that enables a printer to establish their own color capabilities. Assess if output devices can meet your customer expectations with breakthrough technology. Compatible with virtually any software that a printer is already using at proof and press, operators don’t have to change the way they work.

Color management
for everyone's benefit

productivity, profitability & satisfaction

Whether you are the manufacturer in Plastics, Fabrics or Print you need
to get color satisfaction for your customers.

The Alder CCP delivers the complete platform and applications required for accurate color reproduction: lighting, instrumentation, substrates and actual devices.

Breakthrough technology
for better insight

Secure, scalable, & easy to use

Get dynamic data anywhere, anytime, from any device or point in your workflow process, with real-time reports. 

Assess and adjust for the right result with real-time, comprehensive analytics, based on the operator, timeframe, job number–any way you want to define your process. Then deliver a consistent professional visual identity across all products for local, regional, or global customers. 

Deliver color products
you can count on

Operational efficiency & competitive advantage

Experience better performance and productivity, margin gains, employee engagement, and consistency customers demand. 

Quantify color match expectations up front and establish printer’s color quality capabilities, so you can know when “color match” production is sellable and meet customer’s exceptions the first time and every time. 

Color in the cloud

Data Collection & Workflow

The Color Control Platform enables you to monitor all of your color devices anywhere, any time, from any device or point in your workflow process. Collaborate with other team members across locations and improve color management remotely.

Provides information and reports to ensure plants/manufacturers are in color compliance.

Real-tie information accessible via web browser, iPad or iPhone app, or scheduled via email.

All international standards and regional specifications are provided for comparison.
Custom references/targets and tolerance sets can be easily created to compare devices to OK sheet or baseline.

Works with any existing process conrol hardware/software, as long as measurement data can be exported.

Includes uploader software for Mac and PC that can watch any folder and automatically upload data to the proper track.

For printing devices where existing color measurement is not in place yet, there’s another software application called Capture that connects directly to most spectrophometers on the market.

Compliments ink formulation software and enables quality control and ink compliance seamlessly from ink manufacturer/supplier to customer/plant.

Supports CXF format for both import & export, including spectral definitions.

Provides info in Lab, LCH, XYZ, RGB, and Hex, including all M modes and lighting conditions.

Requires little to no changes at the operator level to harness tracking, analyze data, and turn it into useful information.

Enables G7 curve generation without dedicated press runs, which can eliminate downtime.

Helps identify operational improvements.

Operators that need color training.

Reveals color problems caused by differing substrates.

Exposes humidity, temperature, and environmental factors impacted.

Inspector tools

Data Collection & Workflow

One of the most important features of the Alder Color Control–ChromaChecker– System is that we adapt very well to the existing environment. 


In the real world, measuring instruments do not give the expected precision, especially in different workflows, different models are produced, different manufacturers. What manufacturers declare is often far from what the numbers indicate.

The Instrument Inspector tracks the correctness and reproducibility of measuring instruments, creates documentation of stability and repeatability, but at the same time, with unique features, the Harmonizer allows to largely compensate for these differences so that eventually all instruments within the institution measure as similarly as possible.


In fact, not only documented verification and auditing in accordance with ISO-3664, but also additional parameters (Lighting-Efactor, CRI, CQS, CRI2012) In conjunction with the Color Inspector, you can precisely select selected color palettes (corporate color 

sets) under specified lighting conditions. Interchangeability and data sharing will allow remotely comparing lighting conditions.


Paper is often underestimated in the printing processbut in fact in the typical four CMYK process substrate is a fifth color. Considering that most of the process printing ink is transparent – it’s a paper-like printout that is difficult to overestimate.

The tool has tremendous potential for analyzing different paper characteristics based on a variety of measurements (spectral under different conditions and physical). The resulting substrate description is the basis for analyzing the consistency of the supply, but also allows for advanced search of similar substrates (match function). This is of great importance, for example, in the selection of proofing paper to obtain a high degree of compatibility with the production paper.


Contemporary methods of color definition, color characteristics, the need to translate a variety of color description systems have inspired us to create a narrative dedicated to collaborating, converting individual colors, palettes and color libraries. Support for the latest standards like the CxF / X4 format is crucial for monitoring, for example, packaging production.

Color Inspector goes on – allows you to exchange color information from different industries. A sample of fabric, paint or plastic can be transferred or compared to any other.

In addition to the connection with the ICC Profile Inspector, you can analyze reproductive opportunities based on process or hi-fi printing. In turn, the connection to the Lighting Inspector allows you to simulate color shifts according to the lighting conditions.


It is well known that climatic and environmental conditions have a major influence on the printing process. It is known that alcohol evaporation depends on temperature. The impact of moisture on the ink is known by the paper, it is known that humidity affects overprints. Many processes where electromagnetic influence has a critical impact on climate change. Envoromental Inspector through Data-logger collects and analyzes these data in conjunction with quality assessment of the reproduction process.


Accountability management addresses the problems of operators by assigning them simple tasks and reminding them to do so, while giving managers a clear picture of the practical implementation of technological solutions


The Curver Inspector is available in two independent varints – based on the TVI (dot gain) method and the gray balance based G7 method.

Both inspectors can use production measurements to create compensation curves. It is possible to define an Initial curve to apply an adjustment to the correction – this will allow the current correction without the need for dedicated printi run.

The Curve Inspector G7 can be based on 64 patches of the PI-64 belt – in many cases it will have a place on the production sheet. In addition, Virtual Print Run allows you to simulate curve applications which eliminates the extra print run. For offset presses ChromaChecker has engineered G7 Calibrated Control Bars, which have solids in every ink zone, along with tints and G7 gray finder patches spread throughout the remaining

For Digital Presses VI-816 test chart measures accurete variations and brings excellent G7 calibration.



Regular measurements are not just spectral analysis – they give a statistical picture of how the process goes, the comparison of machines, the technology paths, press and printer operators are an exceptionally beneficial side-effect of measuring data being intentionally collected.


The tool not only analyzes every single ICC profile, enumerating a number of parameters that provide a quality image for the profiles (Gamut, Black Generation, Volume, G7® Gray Balance, TVI curves, RoundTrip Error), but also compares profiles to each other. The tool works in CMYK and Hi-Fi. It is an auxiliary tool for Print Inspector.


Platesetter is one of the most desirable devices in the entire technological chain. Despite its high visibility, a place where lack of control can cause difficult problems. Documented measurement allows for predictable quality also here.



Offset presses and other devices where movable cylindrical metal-rubber NIPs (e.g. ink units, fountain solution units, cylinders) will effect tha way the ink, wetting solution or rastered image transfer. Accurate measuring of the NIP width of the NIP pressure are very useful for solving machine problems


Customized color conformance.

With the Alder Color Assurance Program, you can customize your color QC program with a ‘la carte inspector products, specifying your tracking and analyzing tools at a very economical price.

Alder Color Assurance Program

Color Control Platform Plus Certified Expert Support

Our team of certified color experts provide remote and on-site setup, tuneups, and further technical support, to ensure that you get the most out of the color conformance platform, and that all your devices and inspectors are properly calibrated

"Since implementing ChromaChecker as part of our procedures we are now more confident in our abilities to match color and communicate to customers our abilities.

If you currently have, or are developing, your press profiles - the tools and knowledge supplied from Alder Color Solutions will help take your company to the next level. "

Ben Richardson
Manager of Operational Planning, Category 5 Imaging

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