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Assurance Program

Get full access and support to the industry’s premier Color Conformance Platform, along with Alder’s expert on-site color setup & tune-up visits, and 24/7 remote monitoring.

What is the Alder Color Assurance Program?

Modern companies that work with color need to run their businesses like a manufacturing process. This is achievable utilizing the art of color science, but additionally requires the right information, technology, and expertise to be done effectively and economically.
The Alder Color Assurance Program is a unique color management solution that enables users to leverage critical color data with technical support from our certified color experts.

With the help of the ChromaChecker Color Conformance Platform, the program offers printers, brands, and designers the ability to visualize final products, create precise proofs or prototypes in-house, communicate color targets and expectations effectively to supply chains, and verify accurate production of files.
Printers need to:

Brands/Designers need to:

Data is the most valuable asset on Earth. Are you utilizing yours? Are you even capturing yours? The most common answer is, “no.” 

Modern companies that work with color need to run their businesses like a manufacturing process. This is achievable utilizing the art of color science, but it requires information and the right technology and expertise…

Luckily, we’ve got the premier methods, platform, and experts to gather that data and show you just how to decipher it all .

Expertise and data tell all.


Through the Alder Color Assurance program, you’ll be given full access and support to the industry’s premier Color Conformance Platform, which enables a printer to establish their own capabilities and assess if output devices can meet expectations. 

This platform enables the color specifications and tolerances, defined by the brands, to be shared easily with any print provider, and designers have access to the actual color results of the final product.

Breakthrough technology.

The ChromaChecker Color Conformance Platform delivers the complete platform and applications required for accurate color reproduction. From lighting, instrumentation, and substrates, to actual devices and user performance, you can track the quality of color in every step of the process.
Print Inspector

Print Inspector

Provides an online dashboard which shows the color accuracy of each printing device. Email notifications can be scheduled to alert key staff before problems arise.

Chromachecker Instrument Inspector Screens

Instrument Inspector

In the real world, measuring instruments are not always accurate. The Instrument Inspector enables you to check the precision of your devices and "harmonize" them.

Chromachecker Lighting Screens

Lighting Inspector

The Lighting Inspector allows you to verify your lighting is correct. Along with the Color Inspector, you can precisely select color palettes under specified lighting conditions and visually see the affects.

Chromachecker Substrate Screens

Substrate Inspector

Paper is often underestimated in the printing process, but in the typical four CMYK process, substrate is a fifth color.

Color in the cloud.

The Color Conformance Platform enables you to monitor all of your color devices anywhere, any time, from any device or point in your workflow process. Collaborate with other team members across locations and improve color management remotely.
Color Compliance Reporting
Provides information and reports to ensure plants/manufacturers are in color compliance. Real-tie information accessible via web browser, iPad or iPhone app, or scheduled via email. All international standards and regional specifications are provided for comparison. Custom references/targets and tolerance sets can be easily created to compare devices to OK sheet or baseline.
Open Architecture
Works with any existing process conrol hardware/software, as long as measurement data can be exported. Includes uploader software for Mac and PC that can watch any folder and automatically upload data to the proper track. For printing devices where existing color measurement is not in place yet, there's another software application called Capture that connects directly to most spectrophometers on the market.
Spot Color Database
Compliments ink formulation software and enables quality control and ink compliance seamlessly from ink manufacturer/supplier to customer/plant. Supports CXF format for both import & export, including spectral definitions. Provides info in Lab, LCH, XYZ, RGB, and Hex, including all M modes and lighting conditions.
Easy Implementation
Requires little to no changes at the operator level to harness tracking, analyze data, and turn it into useful information. Enables G7 curve generation without dedicated press runs, which can eliminate downtime.
Improves Accuracy & Consistency
Helps identify operational improvements. Operators that need color training. Reveals color problems caused by differing substrates. Exposes humidity, temperature, and environmental factors impacted.
color assurance

Customized color conformance.

With the Alder Color Assurance Program, you can customize your color QC program with a ‘la carte inspector products, specifying your tracking and analyzing tools at a very economical price.

Certified expert support.

Our team of certified color experts provide remote and on-site setup, tuneups, and further technical support, to ensure that you get the most out of the color conformance platform, and that all your devices and inspectors are properly calibrated

Raise your capabilities.

Leverage your critical color data with the Alder Color Assurance Program, and raise your color management expectations and capabilities, today.

"Since implementing ChromaChecker as part of our procedures we are now more confident in our abilities to match color and communicate to customers our abilities.

If you currently have, or are developing, your press profiles - the tools and knowledge supplied from Alder Color Solutions will help take your company to the next level. "

Ben Richardson
Manager of Operational Planning, Category 5 Imaging

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