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The Remote Visual Press Check

Introducing the world’s first certified color-accurate, display-based, press check and proofing solution. See how the Alder Color’s Remote Visual Press Check can save your company time and money, by performing press checks from the comfort of your own office or home.

Capture and view a digital image of your press sheet on screen. Color accuracy of 1 Delta E average.  It's almost as though you were physically there.

Alder Color Press Check Solution - Side by side comparison
Left: original digital image. Right: virtual press check image

NO Travel, Extra Expenses, or
Human-to-Human Contact.

LESS Press Downtime

SAME Robust Quality Control Process

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Save time & money and keep your team safe.

Alder’s Remote Visual Press Check package allows for completely safe, efficient, and extremely accurate virtual proof checks, saving you thousands and keeping your team safe. 

Work remotely,
print globally.

Remote Visual Press Check allows for the creation of color-accurate online proofs to share with anyone, anywhere.

Remote Visual Press Check is a real hybrid proofing solution that allows any partner to print a hardcopy in using the same spectral blending engine that produces Remote Visual Press Check’s highly accurate monitor proofs. Connect with customers or suppliers anywhere in the world and deliver even the most elaborate packaging files to any printer driver.

Eliminate time and geography barriers, and never wait for the overnight service again!

Alder Color Solutions Remote Press Check
Print & Color Innovations of 2020

Bridge design intent & production​

Have color critical conversations early in the prepress process, and make real time decisions, solving color issues instantly.

With the ability to provide designers with feedback in an instant, the Remote Visual Press Check allows you to bridge design intent & production early in the process, correcting any color issues before print.

Set the standard for data driven accuracy

Allow internal printers, supply chain partners, prepress teams, and printing partners to leverage data driven accuracy, and receive press reports & virtual proofs with outstanding color error rate.
Press side calibrated monitors can leverage data to tighten the slight variations seen in proofing devices. Printers can upload press reports and make available to all other partners that are provided the project link, so your teams can approve or reject the final proof, remotely.
Left: original digital image. Right: virtual press check image with noticeable color discrepancies


Whether you’re on the brand side or print production side, eliminate the need for in-person press checks.

Completely Virtual

The Alder Remote Virtual Press Check brings you the first ever accurate "picture" of your press sheet, delivered electronically.

Color Control & Accuracy

View your virtual press sheet, replicated at an average of 1 ΔE with Alder monitors, utilizing our advanced technology & additional hardware.

Seamless Collaboration

Allow your printing partners, design teams, internal teams, and anyone else involved in your printing process to collaborate on your project virtually.

How it works

Our team will equip you with everything you need to get started with our Remote Visual Press Check, including setup, monitor calibration, additional software, and more.
Comprised of two main components: The Hub system and The Spoke system, the 'Hub' location utilizes our patent-pending PressCheck product to capture color-accurate digital images of the press sheet, which is then communicated to partners or 'Spoke' location(s).

The 'Spoke' location then uses our advanced ProofCheck system, annotating and approving color accurate soft-proofs.
The Hub system (PressCheck) includes:
  • Award-winning and patented, one-of-a-kind, 5000k, LED desktop light box for capturing digital images color accurately
  • PC computer
  • Professional graphics LCD display
  • Camera profiling software
  • Tethered camera capture software
  • Flagship soft-proofing software 
  • Installation, configuration and training
The Spoke system (ProofCheck) includes:
  • Patented, one-of-a-kind, 5000k, LED desktop viewing booth  for viewing, annotating and approving color accurate soft-proofs. 
  • PC computer 
  • Professional graphics LCD display
  • Colorimeter or spectrophotometer for monitor calibration 
  • Industry leading soft-proofing software
  • Installation, configuration and training 

A word from our customers...

Our expert color specialists will ensure you're getting the most out of the Remote Visual Press Check.

"If you currently have, or are developing, your press profiles - the tools and knowledge supplied from Alder Color Solutions will help take your company to the next level. "

Ben Richardson
Manager of Operational Planning, Category 5 Imaging

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