Recapping Print & Color Innovations of 2020

2021 is right around the corner, and with a new year comes opportunity and growth for the print industry. Taking a look back at some of the top print and color innovations introduced in 2020, we can look forward to greater efficiency, process optimization, and final product quality in digital print.

Growing Technologies

For those taking advantage of the enhancements in digital technology in 2020, we can see a trend of significantly lower costs and an increase in efficiency and accuracy. Cloud-based platforms and technical softwares designed to streamline workflows give printers, manufacturers, brands, and designers more control. Here are some of our favorite innovations of 2020: 

EFI Fiery banner

EFI Fiery XF Version 7.2 Update

This update on a modern and user-friendly application provides new tools to enhance color, print, and workflow efficiency. With the new Fiery Verify interface, users can experience enhanced usability and control over color verification. The updated Fiery Edge technology also provides enhancements on color profiling capabilities, including optimal color rendering and ink savings options. EFI Fiery XF Version 7.2 is a highly recommended tool for any job where color is vital.

Caldera PrimeCenter

Earlier this year, Caldera introduced a new prepress automation solution, that helps wide-format digital printers optimize job preparation for printing. Offering automated workflow, preflight, cutting, and nesting solutions, With features that focus on saving time on repetitive prepress tasks as well as avoiding media waste by optimizing nesting, PrimeCenter is a versatile tool that can benefit printers of all sizes.

Caldera PrimeCenter

Professional Printing with Epson SureColor

Epson SureColor Professional Printers have redefined commercial and industrial printing. From the P-Series printers for professional photography and graphic design, to the S-Series Solvent printers for high-quality and high-volume output, SureColor printers have proven to produce stunning quality prints for all signage purposes. As the year comes to an end, Epson has announced yet another addition to the SureColor printers:

Epson R Series

Epson SureColor R-Series Printers

Just this month, Epson introduced the new SureColor R-Series printers–the first Epson signage printer to feature multi-purpose resin ink. Featuring breakthrough resin inks for reliable color consistency, these innovative signage printers produce exceptional-quality prints for a diverse range of applications, with immediate lamination and high scratch resistance. Available January 2021, get in touch with our team today to learn more.


Technology advancements have continued to change the way we interact with print and color. To keep up with the demands for faster and higher quality print products, brands, designers, and printers must adopt new technologies, for better efficiency, sustainability, and overall final quality.

These new and innovative solutions are some of our top recommendations, for companies looking to enhance their productions. Our experts are ready to help you learn more and implement any of the products listed above. To get started, click the link below and schedule a consultation today!

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