SkyLab Media LLC solves prepress challenges with Alder Remote Support

Delivering expert color management services to local Portland prepress company

Meet the client.

skylab media llc

Skylab Media has been providing pre-press solutions for companies across Portland, OR since January of 2020, and is rapidly making a name for itself as a great supplier of prepress marketing products and services. Providing a consistent workflow and delivering accurate proofs, local clients and their printing companies can confidently trust SkyLab with their pre-press needs.


The challenge.

In serving clients, staying on the same page with both the client and their print supplier is crucial to a successful partnership and print job.
“We needed to connect with our clients printer company to be on the same page as far as the workflow and color profiles were concerned. “

Carrie Watson, Skylab Media LLC

After running into some trouble matching color profiles and workflows with clients’ printer suppliers, SkyLab Media decided to get connected with Alder for a high quality and timely solution. Certified G7 Expert & PRINTING United Alliance Digital Color Professional Instructor, Bill Owen took the lead. Alder’s goal then became to ensure that Skylab would have the technology necessary to meet top quality standards that they and their clients could trust. 

“SkyLab has very demanding clients who require very tight color calibration. We had to ensure that SkyLab’s proofs are in line with their print provider’s proofing systems and have a very close visual match between the two different proofs”

Bill Owen, Alder Color Solutions
Color Specialist

The solution.

After getting connected, SkyLab Media opted to partner with Alder Color Solution’s Remote Support and Color Management Services package, where we would provide their team with remote technical support in color accuracy and workflow.

Through these services, Alder was able to remotely help SkyLab create the color profiles needed for the print run so that it would be as close as possible to the client’s final print supplier, without alarming the client

Test print paper

“[Alder Color Solutions] has offered creative solutions in these strange Covid days… the ability to communicate remotely has been imperative.”

Carrie Watson, Skylab Media LLC

Along with our Color Platform and technical support services, Alder offers Skylab ongoing expert consultation in color management best practices, ensuring that their team continues to implement improvements in their everyday processes.

The results.

Through our Remote Support & Color Management Services programs, SkyLab Media has seen dramatic improvements in their prepress workflows. SkyLab Media is now able to confidently report that their proofing system is in line with both GRACol & Idealliance G7 specifications, and can ensure world-class color accuracy in proofs that are comparable to all their clients’ print providers. 

“[Alder Color Solutions] has gone above and beyond to be available, clear, knowledgeable, and an overall pleasure to work with… It was the only reason we could confidently assure our client we could provide them with what they need.

Carrie Watson, Skylab Media LLC

Along with color management services, Skylab Media LLC entrusts Alder Color Solutions with all their Epson supplies needed to get the print jobs done. 

Skylab Media LLC conclusion.

“Just remember a time where the customer service left you drained, and remember that you will never feel that way with Bill [and Alder Color Solutions] at the other end… [I would] absolutely recommend Alder Color Solutions. The knowledge, customer service, and products are the best anyone can find for their needs.

Carrie Watson, Skylab Media LLC

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