New EFI Fiery XF Version 7.2 now available!

Focusing on color technology advancements, Fiery Edge profiling technology, new measurement instrument support, and more.

New tools to enhance your work

Fiery verify

Time for a new modern, user-friendly application on a new code base–one verification tool across Fiery®! The new 64-bit verifier application will be replacing the 32-bit Color Verifier, providing:

  • macOS 10.15 (Catalina) support
  • On-demand measurement and verification of printed media wedges and charts
  • Quick and easy patch measurements for color comparisons
  • Fully flexible comparisons of measurements, ICC profiles, and measurement files
  • The creation of verification-result labels for attachments to prints
  • Job verification workflow with Fiery XF
Fiery Verify
EFI Fiery Verify in action

The new user interface will include enhanced usability, including easy creation and switch of tolerance presets, flexible spot color measurement comparisons, and multiple comparisons in parallel. The update will have a different job verification workflow than the previous Color Verifier, provide PDF label generation to support any kind of label printer, and support new measurement devices that are supported with CPS 5.3.1 or higher. Though Fiery® Verify is available for Fiery® XF 7.0 or higher users, Color Verifier can still be used as a fallback option, by changing the settings in server manager. 

Fiery Edge

Introducing the next-generation color profiling technology for Fiery Driven™ printers. EFI™ Fiery® Edge™ color profiling technology delivers out-of-the-box color and quality enhancements for Fiery Driven™ printers that have Fiery Edge default ICC profiles built in. Fiery Color Profiler Suite 5.3 and above allows the creation of custom Fiery Edge ICC profiles that enable more user controls to fine-tune printed output for Fiery® Edge-compatible Fiery digital front ends.

Advantages of this new color profiling technology includes: higher precision, smoother color transitions and blends, enhanced shadow detail in neutral and chromatic areas, better blacks for more dynamic range, more image definition, depth, & clarity, superior rendering of RGB images containing blues and reds, and support for up to 8 color channels. 

Fiery Intensify

Part of Fiery® Edge™ color profiling technology, EFI™ Fiery Intensify is a rendering intent innovation that boosts color, saturation, and intensity — without compromising on grey balance and natural looking skin tones. Fiery Intensify is available when using Fiery Edge technology ICC profiles.

Fiery Intensify Before
Without Fiery Intensify color rendering
Fiery Intensify After
With Fiery Intensify color rendering
Fiery Ink Savings

With Fiery® Ink Saving, you can achieve up to 40% ink savings with no visible losses, reducing ink costs without compromising on print quality.

Fiery Ink Savings

EFI Fiery XF 7.2 is now available!

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