STARZ Entertainment achieves color accuracy with Alder Color Solutions

Delivering expert color management services for almost a decade to leading global media and entertainment company

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Meet the client.

STARZ Entertainment

STARZ Entertainment (a Lionsgate company) is a leading global media and entertainment company that produces and distributes premium streaming content to worldwide audiences across subscription television platforms. STARZ is expanding its global footprint in a growing number of territories, and offers subscribers more than 7,500 distinct premium television episodes and feature films, including STARZ Original series, first-run movies, and other popular programming.1

As a leading global media and entertainment company, STARZ invests millions in digital and print campaigns annually–in the last year, their premium ad units were advertised on over 250 different media properties across multiple formats.2

The challenge.

“[We needed] service maintenance and G7 and GRACoL compliance for our Epson large format color printer… [as well as] expert services to help ensure printers would be reliable for proofing.”

Lisa Bruno, STARZ Entertainment
Director, Photo Operations/Digital Asset Management, Creative Services

To distribute mass amounts of print material, STARZ uses multiple printing companies to produce a variety of campaigns. With content being delivered to millions of consumers every single day, producing high-quality, color-accurate, digital and print materials is critical for the premium entertainment company, but… is not always an easy feat.

“There were occasions where one of their print providers suggested that the proof sent from STARZ was not accurate…”

Bill Owen, Alder Color Solutions
Color Specialist

STARZ Entertainment decided to get connected with Alder’s Color Team. Alder asked our very own Certified G7 Expert & PRINTING United Alliance Digital Color Professional Instructor, Bill Owen to take the lead. After evaluating their areas of need, the Alder team’s goals became clear:

1) help STARZ internally maintain color accuracy and compliance with GRACoL 2013 and Idealliance G7 requirements, and

2) enhance their workflow processes and color management systems, so that they could confidently distribute world-class materials to their print partners and global consumers.

STARZ Posters
Courtesy of STARZ Careers LinkedIn Profile

The solution.

STARZ Entertainment opted to partner with Alder Color Solution’s Remote Support and Color Management Services package, where we would provide their team with ongoing technical support in color accuracy, as well as printer and RIP technology enhancements and updates. Through these services, Alder Color Solutions implemented new color management processes that would enable STARZ to prepare accurate proofs for distribution to their printing partners.

Remote Calibration

“I was able to provide [their] print providers with a color verification report, showing that indeed the proof from STARZ was in compliance with GRACol 2013 & Idealliance G7 requirements. We also asked each print provider to send us their proof, so we could measure and determine if they were in or out of compliance.”

Bill Owen, Alder Color Solutions
Color Specialist

Along with our Color Platform and technical support services, Alder is helping STARZ with expert consultation in color management best practices on an ongoing basis and ensuring that their teams continue to implement these improvements in their everyday processes throughout their organization as they have time.

The results.

Through our Remote Support & Color Management Services programs, STARZ has seen dramatic improvements in their internal proofing workflows, giving them the ability to “compare press outputs on the spot versus waiting on overnight deliveries of print outputs,” – Lisa Bruno, STARZ Entertainment. Externally, STARZ is able to confidently report both GRACol & G7 compliance, and can ensure world-class color accuracy in proofs that are distributed to all their print providers.

“Every issue we’ve had, [Alder Color Solutions has] always made sure we were well supported, even calling us while off-site/out of state

Lisa Bruno, STARZ Entertainment
Director, Photo Operations/Digital Asset Management, Creative Services

The successes and improvements in color management that Alder Color Solutions has delivered, has made Alder’s Color Service Team the go-to Color IT Team for STARZ for nearly 10 years, and counting.

“Bill Owen [of Alder Color Solutions] was the service tech we had partnered with well before I inherited the Creative Services printer management…[and] has been our service technician and consultant for many years.”

Lisa Bruno, STARZ Entertainment

STARZ Entertainment conclusion.

“[Alder Color Solutions] has provided solid and quality work each time, also providing consultation into best practices for color management… The service has been reliable and attentive. I believe they have well-educated employees who have expertise in printer and color management.

Lisa Bruno, STARZ Entertainment
Director, Photo Operations/Digital Asset Management, Creative Services

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