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Game Changer! The NEW Epson P7570/9570

Epson announced their latest releases, the new SureColor P7570 and P9570. These are 24″ and 44″ printers, the same size as their existing P7000 and P9000 models. These new printers are not replacing the existing models, but I can’t imagine anyone not wanting the new models. So, let’s talk about why. The Px570 printers have…

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Color Management 101: Printer Consistency

Color Management 101 - Printer Consistency

Let’s be honest, no printing device is truly consistent. Print variance is inevitable. While minor variation over the course of weeks is normal, what you should be concerned with is either a sudden change outside the normal variation or a slow degradation over time. Some variation is mechanical in nature, like a print head getting…

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