Game Changer! The NEW Epson P7570/9570

Epson announced their latest releases, the new SureColor P7570 and P9570. These are 24″ and 44″ printers, the same size as their existing P7000 and P9000 models. These new printers are not replacing the existing models, but I can’t imagine anyone not wanting the new models. So, let’s talk about why. The Px570 printers have a brand new, 12-color print head, which is 2.4x faster than its predecessor. This not only allows for the speed increase but also provides individual channels for a dedicated Matte Black (you read that right, no more switching between MK and PK) and permanent Violet ink. With the previous P-series printer, you had to choose between the Standard (which had Light Light Black) inkset and the Commercial (which had Violet instead of Light Light Black). The Commercial Edition had a bigger gamut but suffered from metamerism problems because of not having the Light Light Black ink. Now, you have both. All the gamut you could hope for, and no metamerism issues.

This printer may look very similar to the previous line but it is completely redesigned – the chassis, mechanisms, interface, stand and catch bin are all new. You can see from the diagram below that there’s a new Sealed Roll Media Door (with a little window to see thru) that will keep dust and lint off the media, as well as a new Cut Sheet Feeder. There’s an all-new touch-screen display, that can be customized for your preferences. And, one of my favorite yet fairly insignificant things, the Calibrated Internal Light so you can see your prints printing clearly.

Several of what I think are major improvements are, the new catch bin (which has always been… barely functional?) that extends out to cradle your precious prints, and the new user serviceable access to clean the capping station and another to clean the printhead itself.

Epson has finally made the printers everyone has always wanted. Super fast, no black ink switching, huge color gamut, no metamerism problems, and user serviceable. You want one, don’t you? Me too. But you better get on it because there’s going to be a limited supply, initially. You can pre-order them now (which is what we’re suggesting if you want one this year), the first shipment is due for early December. Support in most popular RIP’s like Caldera, Onyx, and EFI Fiery XF should all be ready by the time these start shipping.

You can find out more by visiting the P7570/P9570 page on our store here. Or contact us for with questions at 503-226-7598 or [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you. Cheers to Epson on this game changer!

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