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GTI’s desktop color viewing stations are designed to accommodate smaller format color prints, proofs, transparencies, and digital images. The compact and portable design of these viewers allows you to place them wherever needed – next to a workstation, on top of a digital press, on a counter, or anywhere else color appraisal is needed.



Simple, but a stroke of genius! The mobile „notebook design“ of the colorFrame lets you collapse it in an instant and take it with you wherever you go – be it just between offices or on a colour-matching visit to a customer. Modern styling in combination with outstanding illumination and optional dimming for soft proofing – that makes the colorFrame the all-rounder for advertising agencies, photographers and prepress businesses.

  • Ideal for viewing reflective copy in the prepress sector, e.g. for advertising agencies, photographers and prepress businesses
  • Collapsible in an instant, thanks to portable „notebook design“
  • Homogeneous illumination with D50 standard illuminant
  • Including JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic fluorescent lamps to ISO 3664:2009
  • Including cover trip that can be optionally mount to avoid glare
  • Optionally with side walls for shielding against extraneous light
  • Optionally with continuously variable dimming for soft proof applications

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colorFrame 02, colorFrame 02-DI


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