Fiery XF 1 YR SMSA Renewal


Software Maintenance & Support Agreement – Yearly renewal fee for one or multiple year renewals

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Customers can order a one year Software Maintenance & Support Agreement (SMSA) renewal, or multiple year renewals, for any SMSA included with Fiery XF 7.x which is expiring or is already expired.
Channel partners need to provide the following information on their order: The License Activation Code (LAC) of the customers Fiery XF 7.x version for EFI Customer Service to determine the SMSA expiration date, plus how many years the SMSA shall be renewed for,
(quantity being equal to number of years renewal, e.g. order quantity 2 = 2 YRs renewal).
PLEASE NOTE: SMSA renewals can now be backdated. SMSA renewals start one day after the previous SMSA’s expiration date, regardless of how long ago the SMSA expired. SMSA renewals no longer need to be ordered within 30 days of expiration.




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