Alder Remote Site Audit


Get your site audited today!

This is a consulting service we offer to companies looking to improve their processes or ensure they’re doing things the best way possible. Simply pay online and you’ll receive a link to a survey. We ask dozens of questions and you provide detailed information about the hardware, software, workflows, procedures you have currently. Our experts then analyze and evaluate all of the information and provide you with a detailed report (and quotation, if requested) about all of the upgrades and/or improvements we recommend.

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Keep in mind that we’re not tied to any specific manufacturers, so we’re truly unbiased in terms of crafting the best possible solutions – even if we don’t sell them! We’ll give you detailed feedback about ways you can improve your color accuracy, consistency, repeatability, efficiency, product offerings, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and new client opportunities.

We collect information about:
How and what kind of files you’re creating/receiving
If and how you’re preflighting and/or normalizing files
How and where color conversions are being applied
What procedures are automated and how that’s being done
How plate making is handled, including G7 curves and/or device link profiles
Whether or not you employ sound process control methods
What kind of spot color matching needs and capabilities you have
What versions of software and hardware you currently use
How you’re color managing devices (cameras, scanners, monitors, printers, presses, etc)
How often and what methods you’re using to double checking conformance to lighting and color standards