• ChromaChecker Capture

    ChromaChecker Capture

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    A color scratch pad to allow operators to find the closest color to desired reference – Lab, another printed color, CMYK build, color library, color project (ColorCert), and more. Fast and friendly interface. As fast as possible to produce results – just install the software, pick up the instrument and start working today.

  • ChromaCheckerChromaChecker Instrument Inspector

    ChromaChecker Inspectors

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    Build your custom a’la carte ChromaChecker inspector bundle–exclusively offered by Alder Color Solutions.
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  • ChromaChecker Instrument Inspector

    ChromaChecker Products

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    Our Manufactured Targets X-42, B-42, and I-42 are individually serialized and manufactured to provide long term stability and sufficient color range to provide long term tracking of measurement device consistency. Patches are arranged so as to obtain the best support for most measurement instruments. Lightfastness and lamination greatly reduce the possibility of color changes due to aging, especially when the target is stored in provided case to protect against light.