PRINTING United Alliance Color Ready Event

Color Ready Virtual Conference

June 9th – 10th, 2021 

What’s the most challenging aspect of print production? It’s reproducing color, of course! In a print-perfect world, the color you produce for your customers is always perfect. In reality, reproducing color accurately across product lines using various printing processes is unique and challenging.

The key to success is to have a foundational understanding of color management. Without it, you’re more likely to print bad color, increase rework, hurt your brand’s image–or worst of all, hurt your customer’s brand image. Color management isn’t difficult–all you need is to learn the process, a few best practices, and how to implement it properly. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with the PRINTING United Alliance Color Ready! virtual event!

With its brief 20-minute tutorial-style format, Color Ready! will give anyone involved in the color printing supply chain a convenient and powerful learning experience. Whether you’re a creative, brand professional, production specialist, or a color management expert, there are tutorials that are well-matched and relevant for you. Up your color management knowledge with valuable, practical techniques to help you print the most accurate, consistent color.

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You will learn...

  • The behavioral and technical variables that impact color reproduction.
  • How to reduce time- and profit-sucking color communication errors.
  • The no-nonsense approach to assessing and correcting color images.
  • How to get the right color from the native application to PDF How to manage custom and spot colors reliably.

Who should attend...

  • Anyone involved with color throughout the lifecycle of a printed job
  • Salespeople and CSRs who want a better understanding of color to improve communication with their internal and external customers
  • Designers who want to communicate color more effectively with their printers/customers and produce outstanding color
  • Prepress professionals who want a deeper understanding of color theory, correction, and reproduction


20 Color Ready! sessions will be released over two days and presented as 20-minute, tutorial-style sessions. Attendees can participate from the comfort of their office, with access to video sessions via their computer or tablet. Specific login instructions will be provided upon registration. Registration will continue to be open through August 31, 2021, and all registered attendees will have access to all Color Ready! recordings until August 31, 2021.

Establishing an Aimpoint: What's Your Color Bullseye?

Wednesday | June 9th, 2021

Understanding and establishing a color aimpoint is fundamentally one of the most important steps in a good color management process. Without an agreed upon aimpoint there is no way to know if your process is effective. Whether it’s an industry defined aimpoint or your own device gamut, this is the first step in achieving consistent, predictable, and repeatable color.

What you’ll learn:

  • Color aimpoints – what are they and where to find them
  • What do all these acronyms mean: SWOP, GRACol, and CRPC
  • ISO/PAS 15339: An established printing reference standard
  • How to set your own color aimpoint

Speakers & Schedule

Day 1
June 9th, 2021

Color Overview: It All Starts Here! Presented by Don Hutcheson, President, HutchColor, LLC

Color Management Overview: Building Your Foundation Presented by Dave Hunter, President, ChromaChecker

Designers and Brands: What Can Color Management Can Do for You? Presented by Ron Ellis, Principal, Ron Ellis Consulting LLC

Establishing an Aimpoint: What’s Your Color Bullseye?
Presented by Dan Gillespie, Director of Technical Services, Alder Color Solutions

Understanding ICC Profiles: The What, Why and How Presented by William Li, Color Products Manager, Kodak

Color Measurement: Your Toolkit for Color Management Presented by Dan Uress, CEO, Colorware USA, Inc.

Color Space and Gamut: The ABCs of RGB, CMYK, and CIE Presented by Thorsten Braun, CTO, ColorLogic GmbH

Calibration: It’s 90% of Color Management Success Presented by Steve Upton, President, CHROMiX, Inc.

Color Variation: How Much Is Too Much? Presented by Mark Bohan, Director Color Solutions, Konica Minolta Business Solutions

Building Display Profiles: Your Roadmap to Soft Proofing Presented by Joe Marin, Senior Vice President, Education and Training, PRINTING United Alliance

Day 2
June 10th, 2021

Building Printer Profiles: Your Roadmap to the Right Color Presented by Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, PRINTING United Alliance

Rendering Intents: Map That Color! Presented by Presented by Don Hutcheson, President, HutchColor, LLC

Color Conversion: How and When to Do It Presented by Marc Levine, Director of Business Development, GMG Americas

Assessing and Verifying Profiles: Did You Pass or Fail? Presented by Pat Herold, Manager of Tech Support, CHROMiX, Inc.

Color Management in Adobe Photoshop Presented by Abhay Sharma, Professor, School of Graphic Communications Management, Ryerson University

Color Management in Adobe InDesign Presented by Shelby Sapusek, Consultant & Chief Marketing Officer, ColorCasters LLC

PDF/X: Baking In the Right Color Presented by Ben Starr, Director of Technology, Color Management Group

Color Management in Adobe Acrobat Presented by Dan Reid, President, RPimaging, INC

Spot Colors: Producing the Best Match Possible Presented by Peter Pretzer, ColorPath Solutions Development Manager, FUJIFILM North America Corp.

The Top 10 List: Most Common Color Management Problems and Solutions Presented by Jim Raffel, Trainer/Consultant/CEO, ColorCasters LLC

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Following the event, all recordings from Color Ready! will be posted in a resource center where you can access and view the presentations at your convenience.

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