SpotOn! Verify


SpotOn! Verify is a powerful tool that helps you clearly define performance and control your print process. The Visual Match Scorecard shows you how visually consistent devices are, and the software provides tracking and trending data to help you print consistently over time. The process is simple, the software is flexible, and we can help you integrate it smoothly.

Verify Base comes with:

  • One Verify Client
  • SpotOn! Server
  • One free year of our SSMA *$199 value

For multiple concurrent connections choose additional client licenses below.


Eyeballing color is a recipe for disaster: inaccurate color, rejected jobs, and lost customers. Verify’s Visual Match Scorecard is perfect for pass / fail evaluations, because it calculates an accuracy score between 0 and 100% across the entire gamut of a device. Then it creates an easily understandable graph, instantly indicating how closely a print is going to visually match the standard. Software should see color better than we do… Now it does. Upgrade your eyes. Get SpotOn!

1 Print and measure a simple test chart

Using Verify

2 Evaluate equipment performance


3 Take action to keep color under control


4 Track and trend data, eliminate surprises