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GTI’s desktop color viewing stations are designed to accommodate smaller format color prints, proofs, transparencies, and digital images. The compact and portable design of these viewers allows you to place them wherever needed – next to a workstation, on top of a digital press, on a counter, or anywhere else color appraisal is needed.

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Intensity Adjustable Soft-Proofer (SOFV)The Soft View series of soft proofing systems enhance the color management process by allowing an optimal intensity match between hard copy artwork and a color monitor. Optimum precision and unique features make the Soft View series the perfect choice for your most demanding desktop color soft proofing needs.


The innovative new SOFV-1xiQ transforms calibration from a manual skilled process to an automated streamlined process. Efficiency is further enhanced by the wireless connectivity, without a USB connection, between your workstation and viewing station.

The SOFV-1xiQ system includes a desktop viewing station with a 19.5” x 24” (50 cm x 61 cm) viewing area and the new iQ wireless light sensor. The SOFV-1xiQ viewing station
features an integrated processor which enables wireless communication with the iQ sensor, upper and lower luminaires, dimming control, side walls, and adjustable light shields.

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The hand held wireless iQ sensor is used to automate the luminance match between a color monitor and the 1xiQ viewing station.

Use of a SOFV-1xiQ will provide automatic luminance matching, automatic calibration, and ambient light monitoring helping to ensure that ISO 3664:2009 D50 color viewing standards are met.


The SOFV-1xi is also a D50 soft proofing viewing system, with a 19.5” x 24” (50 cm x 61 cm) viewing area. It does not include the iQ sensor for automatic calibration.

Precise design and unique features make the SOFV-1xi an ideal choice for desktop soft proofing applications. Graphiclite D50 light quality assures consistent, accurate color rendition and the digital control allows accurate luminance matching to the monitor. Adjustable light shields for the upper and lower luminaire, a steel viewing surface to allow the use of magnets (included with unit) to hold artwork, side walls, and easy access controls mounted on the front panel are included.

Product Specifications:

Model Viewing Area (H x W) Includes IQ Sensor
SOFV-1xiQ 19.5” x 24” (50 cm x 61 cm) Yes*
SOFV-1xi 19.5” x 24” (50 cm x 61 cm) No
*The hand held iQ sensor is 4.125” x 2.57” x 0.875” (10.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 2.2 cm) and weighs 3.1 ounces (0.9 Kg)


Download: SOFV ixiQ Brochure


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GTI Truelight Truecolor