Onyx Postershop



Onyx PosterShop offers support for all your production printers allowing a singular and uniform approach to controlling color printing. Onyx PosterShop includes 2 wide format (up to 60in) print drivers out of the box, with the option to add extra printer licenses. Simplify printing in your shop with one RIP for all of your printers and get back to production!

Printers Supported
  • Aqueous Ink Jet
  • Solvent Ink Jet
  • Lower-cost Flatbeds
RIP / Processing Support(Native PDF, PS, EPS, and Raster Image Process)
  • RIP-Queue
  • 1 Active RIPs
  • 2 Active Printers
Tools & Workflow Modules
    • Job Editor
    • CUT-Server
    • Layout Tool
    • Media Manager & G7 Tool
    • White & Specialty Ink Tool
    • Profile Generator
    • PowerChroma Ink Savings
    • Color Swatch Books Tool
    • Finishing Tools: Bleed, Grommet Marks