EVS-2028/FS Executive Viewing Station


D50 viewing station with a 20” deep x 28” wide viewing area includes a print bar, LiteGuard lamp monitoring, and a height adjustable (at set-up) rolling floor stand. The position of the luminaire makes the EVS ideal for soft proofing applications and applications equipped with a densitometer.

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GTI Truelight Truecolor


GTI’s EVS color viewing systems are ideal for inspecting and evaluating printed output in conference room, studio, and office environments. EVS viewers utilize state-of-the-art electronic ballasts which are combined with GTI’s Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps to produce superior light evenness, excellent rear wall illumination, and enhanced energy efficiency. The EVS’s luminaire is positioned parallel to the floor and utilizes an asymmetrical lens design which directs light at an angle ensuring consistent illumination on the work surface and rear wall.

Soft Proofing Options:
Soft proofing provides an opportunity to shorten the production cycle, while improving communications between color image service providers and their clients. GTI offers two EVS soft proofing solutions. For accounts in need of standard dimming capability, manually operated digital dimming models are offered. For automated soft proofing, GTI’s EVS/iQ systems provide the features required for accurate soft proofing, including automatic matching of illumination in the viewing booth to the monitor. EVS/iQ soft proofing models also include digital dimming, a floor stand with casters, side walls, single or dual LCD monitor mounting, a keyboard drawer, and D50 lamps.

Standard Features:

  • ISO 3664:2009 compliance
  • 20” deep x 28” wide viewing area
  • D50 light quality
  • GTI Graphiclite 100 lamps
  •  LiteGuard II usage monitor
  • Horizontal and vertical viewing positions
  • Spectrally neutral, non-yellowing diffusers
  • Munsell N8/Gray surround


Side walls | Part #: SW-2028 | List Price: $280.00
Single 5” file drawer | Part #: 1F-2028 | List Price: $515.00
Dual 2” file drawers | Part #: 2F-2028 | List Price: $685.00

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GTI Truelight Truecolor