• SpectroDrive

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    The SpectroDrive is designed with an integral precision track and motor for automatic scanning, but it can also be easily picked up and used on-the-fly as a handheld device for “spot check” measurements. Use it with Techkon ExPresso software for a cost-efficient and easy to set up and utilize open loop pressroom QC solution for offset. (For a fully integrated closed loop solution for offset, see our PressLink system. Or, for a cost-efficient hand-held open loop solution for offset, see our SpectroJet.) The SpectroDrive scans press sheet color bars in a matter of seconds while simultaneously sending spectral and density measurement data to a PC running the Techkon Expresso software. Scan a 40″ press sheet in less than 8 seconds. The measured density and color information is displayed with suggested density changes for more accurate color. The spectral color engine delivers unbeatable measurement accuracy and consistency over time.