Custom Spot Color Tables


Custom Spot Color libraries for your printing equipment. No more expectations not being met. No more wondering if you can match colors. Define your spot color capabilities and share them with your clients. Now, the color they see is the color you’ll print.


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Custom Spot Color Libraries/Tables

Predicted color values from your ICC media profiles
You upload your media profiles and we convert spot colors into your gamuts.
*This works best with custom ICC media profiles that were created from your particular machine, ink and substrate.

Available in both .CXF and .ASE formats
The Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) format is used in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. This is the file you would share with your designers and print buyers, so they could choose colors that are all in gamut for your devices. The Color eXchange Format (.cxf) is an open-architecture, non-proprietary format that is supported in most RIP softwares. Printing companies would usually need both of these.

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