P6000/P7000/P8000/P9000 UltraChrome HD Light Black 150ml Ink Cartridge


P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000 UltraChrome HD Light Black 150ml Ink Cartridge


Next Generation Pigment Ink Technology

Introducing all new pigments for outstanding color performance and Improved Resin Encapsulation Technology for superior gloss uniformity. Photo Black pigment 1.5 times denser than the previous generation ink set, along with significant improvement to overall contrast ratio and optical clarity. Featuring completely reformulated pigment technology for improved print permanence, and up to twice the overall print permanence versus our previous generation ink set. Nine individual ink cartridges. SureColor P-Series printers are designed to work exclusively with specially formulated Epson inks, and not with other brands of cartridges or inks.