SpectroPad DigiPress


Spectro LFP qb – automatic reflection and transmission spectrophotometer


SpectroPad DigiPress

SpectroPad DigiPress is the process control device for Digital Presses. It is the ideal tool to keep your digital printing process under control. Within seconds, the operator can check color accuracy (against industry standards), color repeatability and spot colors. The ability to store color libraries as well as create recall custom spot color libraries, make it extremely flexible and versatile. Moreover, it can be used for calibration (linearization and profiling) of digital printers. It works according to and complies with industry standards in place.

Application fields:

  • Process control for digital presses:
    a) Accuracy check (color fidelity)
    b) Repeatability check (color stability)
  • Single measurements of spot colors with subsequent check for color true printing
  • Calibration
  • Image quality evaluations (homogeneity on the print according to Fogra M-Score)

Main Features:

  • Process control according to ISO 12647-7 and Fogra PSD
  • Supports Ugra/Fogra, Idealliance and Barbieri DOC control strips
  • Portable, wireless (battery operated, WiFi)
  • Measurement aperture 2 x 3 mm
  • Barbieri qb-technology inside (D50 LED illumination, next generation of highest precision spectral core)
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • Geometry: 45°:0°
  • ISO 13655-2009 measurement condition: M1, M0 and M2 (UV-Cut).
  • 1-line manual scanning in one pass.
  • Ruler build-in, compact design
  • Touch Screen
  • Includes free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC
  • Supported by most LFP RIP-software (Refer to: www.barbierielectronic.com)

Target markets:

  • Digital presses
  • Professional digital printing