Nix Pro 2


Nix for print + packaging

Color accuracy in the print and packaging industry is everything. Take control of the quality control process by integrating a portable and accurate color measurement solution developed by the engineers at Nix Sensor. Confidently know your color standards are up to code on a scientific level every day.


Nix Pro 2

Color Sensor

$349 USD

  • Match any color with a simple scan
  • Create custom color databases with our free Nix Toolkit app
  • 94%+ hit rate on common paint decks
  • Compare two color scans
  • Compatible with Pantone, RAL and NCS

The Nix Pro is…

Ready to go (anywhere). Built for real life. Create your own custom libraries. Works with the Nix Toolkit app. Compatible with PANTONE, RAL, and NCS.
Lightweight and wireless, our devices can fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. With a powerful battery that can last for a month before recharging you’re ready to go (anywhere). Nix Pro 2 scanning wood texture wall

What’s inside the box

Nix Pro 2 Color Sensor

Microfiber pouch


Micro USB charging cable

Quick start guide
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Nix Sensor