Webinar Series

Exploring UV Inkjet & Large Color Gamut Solutions

Brought to you by Alder Color Solutions in partnership with Fluid Color, this webinar series will explore the transformative UV inkjet technologies and color management solutions that are currently changing the way companies interact with print and color.

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Each session will take place at 10:00AM Pacific Time or 1:00PM Eastern Time. 

Session one
August 11, 2021

Wide-format printing just got more colorful.

Join us for a virtual experience, featuring demos performed on wide-format UV inkjet equipment that offers a robust color gamut in wide-format UV, and excellent print durability for demanding applications. 

session two
August 25, 2021

Color management is always crucial.

Dive into unfavorable color-related issues in wide-format printing and explore flagship software solutions currently available for those color critical jobs.

Session three
September 8, 2021

How (in)consistent can color be?

Our certified team of color techs will dissect the process and costs of color matching in UV inkjet print jobs, and explore how to manage color more efficiently and economically.

Session Four
September 22, 2021

Making waves with robust color gamut and excellent print durability.
Tune in for a wrap up of this four-part webinar series, reviewing the transformative UV Inkjet technologies and color management solutions  available, today. 




Marty is the current Co-President of Alder Color Solutions. With over twenty years of experience in print, Davis brings expert knowledge and best practices for advancements in the industry.

Managing Partner - FLUID COLOR


Mark leads Fluid Color’s emergence in the Wide Format solutions market as a major provider of world class UV inkjet technology, bringing an unparalleled understanding of print providers’ production needs and expectations for performance, quality and value.

Chief Inkjet Evangelist - FLUID COLOR


With years of experience in the print and graphics industry, Jason plays an integral part at Fluid Color, managing virtual and in-person demos, bringing skilled expertise on UV Inkjet technology. 


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