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(Quick Tip Video) Installing ICC profiles on a Mac and Windows

If printing and color are important to you, ICC profiles will make all the difference in getting the results you desire! Here is a quick video and instructions of how to install ICC profiles on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Click here to go to windows instructions

Mac Instructions

1) Download the ICC Profile you wish to use.

Go to to find a list of free Epson and Hahnemuhle profiles. From here choose your printer and media type and select “download profile” to the specified folder of your choice.

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Printing with ICC Profiles

ICC profiles are one of the most misunderstood and misused tools for printing color. Many people do use them successfully, but many use them incorrectly, or don’t use them at all. Thus not achieving the full potential of the media or the printer.

Keeping it simple, here are the three things you have to remember about ICC profiles when it comes to printing.

  1. ICC profiles describe how a specific device prints color on a specific media. It translates file data being printed so the file prints color correctly on that media.
  2. Each profile is created using a specific set of printing parameters, resolution, media setting, quality setting, black ink type, etc.
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