Best Remote Print & Color Solutions of 2020

Best remote print & color solutions of 2020

A look back at Alder Color Solution's top remote-based services & solutions of the year.

It’s no doubt that 2020 has been one heck of a year. From a worldwide sweeping pandemic, to the wildfires on the West Coast (and everything in between), businesses have been forced to adapt to the unprecedented changes, and explore new and uncharted opportunities, to lower costs and keep productions running, with remote work. 

Remote-work is changing how the workplace operates. Remote-work has rapidly increased this year, and is forecasted to continue an upward trend into 2021. To help companies shift with the times, Alder Color offers a myriad of remote services and solutions to help companies solve color-related issues, no matter their industry or location. 

#1 Remote Visual Press Check Solution

The Alder Remote Visual Press Check solution is the world’s first certified color-accurate, display-based, proofing solution. Whether on the brand side or print production side, the Remote Visual Press Check eliminates the need for hard-copy proofing and in-person press checks.

Press side calibrated monitors leverage data to tighten the slight variations seen in proofing devices. Printers can additionally upload press reports and make available to all other partners that are provided the project link, so teams can approve or reject the final proof, remotely.

Learn more about how the Alder Color’s Remote Visual Press Check can save time and money, with performing press checks from the comfort of your own office or home.

#2 PRINTING United Alliance Remote Color Management Boot Camps

Our PRINTING United Alliance Color Management Boot Camps were created for designers and printers who are ready to join the ranks as experts at color accuracy and consistency–especially those who struggle with getting brand and spot colors just right.

Typically, these color management boot camps are held at physical locations across the nation. As COVID restrictions on gatherings and events spread through 2020, we adapted to the times, and converted our workshop to a live and virtual one. 

Presenting content over a 3-day workshop, our certified instructors go over:

  • Color theory and principles
  • Goals of color management
  • Device calibration
  • Time-tested color management procedures
  • Newest print standards
  • Spot color management and verification
  • …and more! Plus, hands-on media profiling with EFI Fiery XF
Boot camp attendees walk away with a new level confidence and skill, and become eligible to earn their PRINTING United Alliance, Digital Color Professional Certification. Our upcoming 2021 schedule is currently in the works and will be released in the New Year. 
Print & Color Innovations of 2020

#3 Alder Color Assurance Program

The Alder Color Assurance Program provides users with on-site color setup & tune-up visits, 24/7 remote monitoring, and full support to Alder’s premier Color Conformance Platform.

The color conformance platform enables users to monitor all of their color devices anywhere, any time, from any device or point in the workflow process. Printers can establish their own capabilities and assess if output devices can meet expectations.

This cloud-based solution helped Alder clients with color compliance issues throughout 2020 and will continue to prove a proprietary remote solution for printers, brands, and designers alike. 

“Since implementing [the color conformance platform] as part of our procedures we are now more confident in our abilities to match color and communicate to customers our abilities.”

Ben Richardson
Manager of Operational Planning, Category 5 Imaging

#4 Remote Support Program

Alder’s Remote Support program offers you the peace-of-mind, of having technical support at your fingertips while keeping costs under control.

This is a great option for individuals and companies who need our expertise but want more affordable and flexible access than our daily, on-site option.

A few things that our experts can help with, remotely are: 

  • Calibrating/profiling monitors, scanners, cameras, or printers
  • Configuring Adobe CC color settings
  • Getting accurate color printing through a driver or a RIP
  • Creating G7 curves for your printing press (analog or digital), 
  • …and more.
Test print paper

#5 Custom Spot Color Libraries

With Custom Spot Color Libraries, our color specialists take media profiles, and convert each color into the clients gamut, producing a custom spot color library that gives the client the exact printable colors that their printing devices can achieve.

Taking any print device’s specific media profile, our team evaluates the number of all possible spot colors that are outside of that particular device’s gamut and converts them into gamut.

This allows our team to produce a custom spot color library, that contains only the colors that device is capable of producing, eliminating the guesswork in whether any given color within that library will be printed correctly or not.

More remote-based solutions moving into 2021

Alder Color Solutions has been unrivaled in bringing world-class expertise and solutions during this pandemic. With remote work continuing to grow across many sectors into 2021, Alder continues to develop premier solutions for all color-related issues.

From purchasing a new proofing system, or professional grade printer, to implementing an enterprise level Color Management System across multiple technologies and locations, Alder Color Solutions has world class solutions that will change the fundamental ways that businesses interact with color.

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